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Indulgent Chocolate Pudding

This recipe is adapted and veganized from King Arthur Flour’s Chocolate Intemperance Pudding, which I found on the label of their triple cocoa blend cocoa powder.  The title was intriguing to me, since intemperance brings to mind a time in New England history when people were named things like Prudence and Chastity (and Temperance), and the mere thought of enjoying a chocolate treat was apt to result in having to wear a scarlet C on your chest.  Was this recipe to be an old fashioned cure for us chocolate inebriates…err, intemperates, or was is a lure to give in to our dark temptations?  I had to find out.

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Southwest Corn and Bean Soup

This recipe was inspired from an offering at a potluck – Deanna’s Mexican Soup.  Her version was light and brothy, but since we’re back to cold temps and liquid sunshine here in Anchorage, I wanted a version that was more hearty.  For those of you living in states where August is still summer, feel free to thin it out with more stock for a lighter version!

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Plum Torte

This recipe is adapted and veganized from a plum torte recipe originally published in the New York Times in the 1980’s.  According to the New York Times Dessert Cookbook, plum torte is the Times’ most requested recipe! Once you make it, you will see why.  It comes together quickly, it’s beautiful, and most importantly it’s delicious!

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Vegan Breakfast Basics: Chia Pudding

This week Provisions featured some amazing looking stone fruits from Frog Hollow Farm.  Peaches and nectarines are my favorite fruits and my favorite topping for chia pudding, so when they were there on my screen – perfect fuzzy pinkish orange orbs, I had to have them.  It helped that I had a coupon, a necessity for a New Englander to try something new.

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Vegan Breakfast Basics: Tofu Scramble

I have never really been a breakfast person, which is odd considering that my family owned a bed and breakfast for many years.   Growing up, I was a pain about breakfast.  I didn’t like cold breakfast, I didn’t like sweet breakfast, and I didn’t want to eat breakfast immediately when I got up (often taking my breakfast in the car with me).  My preferred choices were corn chowder, english muffins with peanut butter, and cream of wheat.  I’m sure at 5 am my folks really appreciated having to get the stove going to heat the chowder, or having to haul the toaster out for my english muffins while they had their simple cereal.  Between breakfast and the uncomfortable sock line across my toes that used to result in fits of shoe and sock throwing, it’s a wonder I ever made it to school on time.

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Deviled Potatoes

 A few weeks ago you may recall that I was attending a vegan cooking class with the Valley’s own Delisa Renideo.  She has inspired many of my recipes since then, including this one – deviled potatoes.  Her version was stuffed with a faux egg salad, which had a nice little crunchy filling thanks to the celery, but I decided that I wanted that smooth and tangy orange filling that I knew in my deviled egg eating days.  To that end, I combined some carrots and roasted red peppers for color and depth of flavor, nutritional yeast for cheesy tang and few pressed garlic cloves for zing.  Yum.  They should be called Angeled Potatoes.

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Creamy Vegan Alfredo

In my non-vegan life I was never really a fan of alfredo.  Despite a love for cream and cheese, alfredo was never all that appealing.   It always seemed rather flavorless and heavy.  Vegan alfredo, however, is an entirely different story.  Creamy and cheesy, while light and filling, it’s flavorful to the point of distraction.  Over the weekend I made a batch for dinner and found myself licking the blender lid, the spoon, the bowl….

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Matcha Peach Smoothie

In my yoga practice it has become a very common phenomenon that whenever I’m putting a class together to teach, the classes that I attend suddenly have the same theme.  I thought this was just an unusual coincidence (or series of coincidences) until I talked to a few other yoga teachers who had similar experiences – as though something was telling all of us at once it was time to teach backbends or headstands.  Students will sometimes wonder if the studio really has declared that it’s “backbend week” or “arm balance week”, since teachers seem to gravitate to the same classes of poses almost too universally to be random.

Now that I’m sharing my recipes online, I’m finding a similar phenomenon.  This week I thought I’d finally make use of my matcha powder, and as I sat down to write up my recipe – there in my inbox were two posts including matcha smoothie recipes.  Good grief!  I wondered if I should hold off and try to get my matcha recipe off cycle, but I’ve never done that with my yoga classes, I’ve just taken it as a sign of alignment with the greater good, common consciousness, or in this case matcha Monday.

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Carrot Miso Dressing

When I first started to eat a healthier diet, I began by increasing the healthful things I was already eating and already comfortable making, like salads.  The problem was that once I had a huge green salad made – local greens, organic cucumbers, the whole nine yards, I had no clue what to put on it that didn’t have copious quantities of oil.  I felt like an aspiring chef on Chopped where ‘salad’ was the required dish and they’d given me root vegetables, nuts and a stone fruit to make a dressing.  Total deer in the headlights.

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