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Matcha Peach Smoothie

In my yoga practice it has become a very common phenomenon that whenever I’m putting a class together to teach, the classes that I attend suddenly have the same theme.  I thought this was just an unusual coincidence (or series of coincidences) until I talked to a few other yoga teachers who had similar experiences – as though something was telling all of us at once it was time to teach backbends or headstands.  Students will sometimes wonder if the studio really has declared that it’s “backbend week” or “arm balance week”, since teachers seem to gravitate to the same classes of poses almost too universally to be random.

Now that I’m sharing my recipes online, I’m finding a similar phenomenon.  This week I thought I’d finally make use of my matcha powder, and as I sat down to write up my recipe – there in my inbox were two posts including matcha smoothie recipes.  Good grief!  I wondered if I should hold off and try to get my matcha recipe off cycle, but I’ve never done that with my yoga classes, I’ve just taken it as a sign of alignment with the greater good, common consciousness, or in this case matcha Monday.

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