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Deviled Potatoes

 A few weeks ago you may recall that I was attending a vegan cooking class with the Valley’s own Delisa Renideo.  She has inspired many of my recipes since then, including this one – deviled potatoes.  Her version was stuffed with a faux egg salad, which had a nice little crunchy filling thanks to the celery, but I decided that I wanted that smooth and tangy orange filling that I knew in my deviled egg eating days.  To that end, I combined some carrots and roasted red peppers for color and depth of flavor, nutritional yeast for cheesy tang and few pressed garlic cloves for zing.  Yum.  They should be called Angeled Potatoes.

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Creamy Vegan Alfredo

In my non-vegan life I was never really a fan of alfredo.  Despite a love for cream and cheese, alfredo was never all that appealing.   It always seemed rather flavorless and heavy.  Vegan alfredo, however, is an entirely different story.  Creamy and cheesy, while light and filling, it’s flavorful to the point of distraction.  Over the weekend I made a batch for dinner and found myself licking the blender lid, the spoon, the bowl….

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Matcha Peach Smoothie

In my yoga practice it has become a very common phenomenon that whenever I’m putting a class together to teach, the classes that I attend suddenly have the same theme.  I thought this was just an unusual coincidence (or series of coincidences) until I talked to a few other yoga teachers who had similar experiences – as though something was telling all of us at once it was time to teach backbends or headstands.  Students will sometimes wonder if the studio really has declared that it’s “backbend week” or “arm balance week”, since teachers seem to gravitate to the same classes of poses almost too universally to be random.

Now that I’m sharing my recipes online, I’m finding a similar phenomenon.  This week I thought I’d finally make use of my matcha powder, and as I sat down to write up my recipe – there in my inbox were two posts including matcha smoothie recipes.  Good grief!  I wondered if I should hold off and try to get my matcha recipe off cycle, but I’ve never done that with my yoga classes, I’ve just taken it as a sign of alignment with the greater good, common consciousness, or in this case matcha Monday.

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Carrot Miso Dressing

When I first started to eat a healthier diet, I began by increasing the healthful things I was already eating and already comfortable making, like salads.  The problem was that once I had a huge green salad made – local greens, organic cucumbers, the whole nine yards, I had no clue what to put on it that didn’t have copious quantities of oil.  I felt like an aspiring chef on Chopped where ‘salad’ was the required dish and they’d given me root vegetables, nuts and a stone fruit to make a dressing.  Total deer in the headlights.

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Coconut Ginger Beet Soup

Beet season has officially arrived.  Hallelujah!  Last weekend was the first crop of local beets at the Spenard Farmer’s market, but thanks to a rather busy week at work I didn’t get around to using them until this weekend.   First on the list for the ruby roots is this beet soup that I have been eyeballing on the Two Sister’s Bakery website.

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Stuffed Mushrooms

You just can’t go wrong with a stuffed mushroom.  In this version, savory and earthy cremini mushrooms pair nicely with a creamy, garlicky filling.   The walnut topping gives them a little crunch, and the nutritional yeast imparts a cheesy / buttery flavor reminiscent of the classic breadcrumb stuffed mushrooms that so many of us grew up with.

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Boston Baked Beans

Being from the Boston area means three things:

  1. I can never date a Yankees fan
  2. My driving isn’t bad, it’s just regionally inappropriate for Alaska….or most places
  3. On Saturday nights I feel compelled to have baked beans.

Baked beans on Saturday night is a long time New England tradition.  In modern times it seems somewhat incompatible with the popular “date night”, but considering that the colonists ate them cold on Sunday morning to fortify them for their solemn church service, it’s hard to say which generation was more at risk for embarrassment.

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Chocolate Bean Balls

Chocolate Bean Balls.  Those are three words that I never thought I’d use in a sentence, never mind in a recipe.   I think this must have been the delicious dish that caused all the fuss in that Saturday Night Live skit.  You know the one – with Alec Baldwin (a.k.a Pete Schweddy) and his irresistible…..spheres.    If you could make it past the innuendo and the double entendres, you remember that the ladies really were quite taken with the delicious, though rather unfortunately shaped, treats.  The skit ran out of time before they were able to discuss the real merits of the delightful little orbs, which is a pity, because I think these are just about as perfect as it gets for a hiking snack.

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